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North Central Washington Audubon Society, a local chapter of the National Audubon Society, is dedicated to furthering the knowledge and the conservation of the environment of North Central Washington, our Nation, and the World. Below is a map of our geographic territory within Washington state.

Goals, Hopes, Aspirations, and Plans of the North Central Washington Audubon Society

From Former Chapter President Mark Oswood

We promote resource decisions based on the best available data. Many times, differences dissolve and solutions coagulate when people have good information.

We try to be honest brokers in environmental conflicts. Our aim is to serve the same function as mucous in the human body; lubricate and trap foreign particles.

Sustainable economies are the only road into the future. Ecology and economy derive from the same root word.

We do birds – watch them, count them, protect them. Birds are one of the grandest expressions of life.

We believe in citizen science and life-long learning. We can all be scholars.

We are “outside consultants” – leading field trips, holding outdoor classes, and doing “dirt work.” A meadow of spring flowers, ravens doing acrobatics, and a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis are best experienced viscerally, not virtually.

THANK YOU to those who generously allowed us to use their photographs on this site: Teri Pieper — Gregg Thompson — Julie Ashmore.