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Chelan Ridge Migration Festival
Sign-up Information

Transportation Change

Instead of shuttle bus transportation to the ridge during the Hawk Migration Festival, we must carpool. Black Canyon Road, one of the two roads up to the ridge, remains closed due to previous fires, so traffic up to the Hawk Watch Site must be limited.

Therefore, on Saturday the 16th, we will offer 2 field trips to Chelan Ridge:
• The first will leave Memorial Park in Pateros at 8 am and return at noon.

• The second will leave Memorial Park in Pateros 12:30 pm and return at 4:30 pm.
We need volunteer drivers. So when signing up, please let us know if you can drive and how many extra people you can take in your vehicle. The road can be bumpy and all-wheel-drive is recommended.

Up on the ridge, trained raptor biologists will talk about raptors and the extraordinary journey as the birds head south. As in years past, this will be an amazing educational experience involving environmental education and interpretation conducted by on-site educators, including US Forest Service personnel and volunteers.

On Friday, September 15th at 7 pm, Dave Oleyar from Hawk Watch International will offer a migration and raptor workshop at the Pateros Fire House located on the corner of South Dawson and East Industrial Way in Pateros. Dave joined HWI as senior scientist in November 2013. He comes to HWI after teaching upper level undergraduate courses in population ecology and conservation biology in the Department of Fish and Wildlife Science at the University of Idaho for the previous three years. He loves sharing his passion for ecology and conservation with others whether it is in the classroom, at a public talk, or a walk in the field. Snacks, coffee and tea will be provided. There is no charge to attend the workshop.

On Saturday the 16th, we are also offering a field trip led by Audubon board member Mark Johnston to Wells Wildlife Area at 8 AM. This trip will return by noon so that folks can still sign up for the 12:30 PM Chelan Ridge trip. Wells Wildlife Area covers about 450 acres along the Columbia River between Brewster and Bridgeport. Wetlands and ponds on the unit and Wells Pool provide habitat for waterfowl and other water birds. The Department of Fish and Wildlife has developed extensive riparian habitat on the unit providing dense cover for wildlife.

Space for all 3 events is limited so sign up early.

Please arrive ½ hour early for the field trips. The departure point for the field trips will be at Memorial Park in Pateros behind the bakery.

To sign up for the Friday night workshop, the Wells Wildlife Area field trip and the Chelan Ridge field trip, please contact Richard Scranton at rscran4350@yahoo.com.