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Reducing Bird Collisions

Recent Developments in the Bird Collisions Program

American Bird Conservancy, in cooperation with the U.S. Green Building Council and Bird-safe Glass Foundation, has enabled architects, designers, developers, and building owners pursuing LEED green building certification to earn credit for incorporating design strategies that reduce bird collisions. See for more details.

New Publication Provides Comprehensive Solutions to Halt Massive Bird Kills From Building Collisions

As part of a program to reduce the massive and growing number of bird deaths resulting from building collisions in the United States, ABC has produced a new, national publication, American Bird Conservancy’s Bird-Friendly Building Designs. Download a pdf of the guide at

Act Now to Help Imperiled Sage-Grouse

The Greater Sage-Grouse, iconic bird of the western sagebrush, has suffered extensive population declines in recent decades, and continues to be impacted by oil and gas drilling, wind energy development, and livestock grazing across a vast region.

The Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Forest Service are developing a plan to conserve this imperiled bird that will affect how nearly 50 million acres of public lands from Colorado to Oregon will be managed.

You can make a difference on how this plan is implemented by submitting a public comment at

Please urge the BLM and Forest Service to:

· Conserve sagebrush habitat affected by land uses such as energy development and livestock grazing.
· Create sagebrush reserves that protect the best remaining habitat.
· Include all Greater Sage-Grouse habitat in the conservation plan.
· Include other species that depend on sagebrush habitat, such as Sage and Brewer’s Sparrows in the plan.


Growth Management Act in danger

We are in danger of losing the Growth Management Act!!….see HB 2282 proposed by Rep. Angel (R--Kitsap): and

The Growth Management Act is one of the most important laws we have to protect birds and the environment - it requires cities and counties to plan for growth (and specifically to direct growth into urban areas not sprawl), to plan for transportation (rather than just leave it a hodge-podge), and to ensure protection of critical areas and natural resources. We need to protect this law!!

Please call your representatives and tell them to VOTE NO on HB 2282 -- toll-free number: 800.562.6000